Monday, May 21, 2018

Desert Sirens

Aside from our quick little stop in Ballarat on Thanksgiving, the Trona Pinnacles are as close to Death Valley as the fates have allowed me to explore.  I could honestly live in a cave out there if I had some sort of alternative income.  I fear, though, that I would have the same problem getting models to show up as I do on this little mountain.  One day, everything will line up.  For the time being, we will drive hours to meet up with beautiful souls like Katlyn and dance around fires into the wee hours of the morning. We don't have the luxuries of RVs and fancy BnBs.  We have a tent, that we assemble like taking a deep breath, and we suffer the elements with the best of them.  Sometimes we even get some sleep... sometimes.  That is a creative life with children and no money that I would be jealous of were I not in it.  I appreciate that.

To many more amazing friends and experiences, I raise my inexpensive, low ABV beer.

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