Friday, October 13, 2017


Before photography, the only way anyone could ever get a glimpse of what they really looked like was in a mirror or reflection, which is not a real representation because it will always be backwards, but close enough to drive narcissism or self-hatred to the absurd points that they have reached today.  Mirrors will always be aesthetic; they will never represent who you are; other than scars, they will never show what you’ve been through; but we are all haunted by them.  We put so much importance on them (and what we look like), that we even think that we’ll have bad luck if they break.  What if we all stopped putting so much importance on what we looked like and focused our energy on actually being beautiful people, regardless of those petty things?  We would swiftly become a society of absolutely beautiful people.

Stop looking in the mirror (but look in this one, because I made it meaningful…and creepy).

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