Monday, June 11, 2018

O Captain! My Captain!

We had a much needed escape to our beach yesterday.  The burn is real, but so is the pale white area on the left of my torso, which was occupied by my recently soaked in sun screen daughter as I carried her to the water.  I'm like a walking advertisement for the effectiveness of this sunscreen.

I finally had a chance to read some Whitman, beyond the intros.  It is a whole lot of macho, man stuff, so far.  I skipped ahead to read O Captain! My Captain! for obvious reasons.  I had no idea it was so grim.  It starts off all inspirational, then, just like that, O Captain is laying in a pool of blood.  What the fuck?  We spent a good four hours toasting in the San O haze, then ate way too much sushi and floated home.  Up early this morning for work, where we managed to manually fill 21 kegs in about 45 minutes with a new little set up.  Then I moved about 4000lbs of beer, 166 pounds at a time.  With the sunburn, minus the white patch, that leaves me a bit tired.

Here is Willa at said beach.  I didn't pull out my camera yesterday; just enjoyed it.

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  1. Love the suggested visual of the "kidprint"
    You may have the start of a new conceptual series-- Paint kids shoulder to toes, then have the parents hold them. Remove images.child and photograph the results. I can already hear art majors debating the real mean of the "silhouette children"
    It sure beats peeing into containers and then photgraphing the results.